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Our full-time Graphic Art Team will work with you to create a fantastic design for you, your family, your company, or specific to your event! This page is ever-growing, and always a work in progress. More samples are added all the time! A "job well done" by OddiTees Custom Apparel is job done everyday.


NOTE: Please submit your art to us in Vector format, Illustrator CS2, Corel Draw X5, or lower. (Submitted JPG's might result in some art time charges to make your image "ready for print.")


Approval Disclaimer: We know it's a mobile world with instant access to almost everything, and people are on-the-move constantly. We love the new technology and use it ourselves in business often. However, we can not accept "final approvals" of your designs from Blackberry, Droids, or other cellular phones. To protect your own interest, we ask that you preview the PDF files we send from a regular PC (due to colors shifting and/or being replaced by smart phone colors.) We want to ensure you're approving exactly what we're printing so there's no surprises when you receive the order. Thank you!

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